Reference materials for artists

Like you, I absolutely have a passion to create art. It’s a joy to focus on the craft you love, to get a better understanding of why you create art, and to see your own progress despite all the ups and downs. However, in order to create art you have to invest in paper, sketching tools, or paint and brushes. It doesn’t matter if your are a professional or an amateur, like myself.

In order for me to create my art, I need to hire models and occasionally buy some props. I’m not yet able to support the craft of photography with the sales of my art. I’m always open to see how I can help other artists, and I’m often asked for permission for a photo to be used as a reference for a sketch, or a painting etc.

I’m always willing to help, but now I’m kind of asking for a little help in return. If you want to use my photo’s as a reference, I’m sure you can find my photo’s online anywhere for free.

But since you are here, I would really appreciate it if you are willing to pay a small fee to get my official permission to use my photo’s for reference.

By buying the photo’s here, you can download the photo in a resolution of 2000px without any censored nipples etc. That’s better than all the cropped, low res censored social media stuff!